Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Lady of Emmitsburg & Five Points Important to Remember

Important to remember are the following 5 points regarding the ongoing occurrences of the private revelations associated with the apparitions of Our Lady of Emmitsburg, which have been, since their inception over 22 years ago, perpetually and pervasively scrutinized:

[1] Full Obedience to the Church
Believers in Our Lady of Emmitsburg are verifiably obedient to the Church and the directive of the fallible June 7, 2003 Decree, most especially and visibly, the visionary and prophet and her family. No one has proven otherwise and, most notably, the Church has not found or proved any believer to be disobedient. But rather, the Church has even mentioned that to the best of their knowledge, the prophet and believers are practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church.

[2] Nothing Contrary to Faith and Morals
Nothing in the content of any of the messages proceeding from the private revelations has ever been found to be irrefutably and certifiably contrary to Church teaching on Faith and Morals. Falsities and fallacy aside, no one, including the Church’s investigative Commission of Enquiry, has ever proven that any content found within any of the messages of these private revelations is contrary to Church teaching on Faith or Morals. This is most significant because for over 20 years the mystical phenomena have been under ongoing close scrutiny by many, including the Church.

[3] Attested Legitimacy - No Fraud
Neither the Church, nor any other party has ever proven Gianna Talone-Sullivan, the visionary and prophet, to be a fraud for any reason. No one has proven fraud attributable to psychological instability, physiological bases, or moral turpitude (deception, lies, greed, avarice, fame/notoriety, etc). In fact, the medical and scientific evidence indicate possible authenticity; as do as well: her moral character, psychological profile and mental health, and her physiological condition. The recent medical electroencephalogram testing confirms earlier results that the not-normal-to-human-existence ecstasies are consistent with authenticity. Also, proof does not exist that the visionary and prophet is perpetrating lies or participating in deliberate or inadvertent, vincible or invincible deception.

[4] Questionable Church Handling and Investigation
Eminent Marian and mystical theologians, academicians, intellectuals and others, both lay persons and religious, have already documented and are becoming increasingly aware of more and more fallacy and injustice in the handling of the private revelations. Many of them conclude it is necessary that a new investigation be conducted as a matter of urgency. Their concerns include invalid reasoning in arguments, false assertions, violations of personal and civil rights, as well as many public and private examples of calumny, slander, defamation, abuse, and profane and unjustified vilification of the visionary and those who believe the private revelations associated with Our Lady of Emmitsburg to be authentic. 

[5] Prophecies Upheld Valid
As regards the predictions detailing future events and happenings, none of the prophecies have been determined to be invalid. No one has ever demonstrated conclusive proof, or supplied valid reasons why any of the prophecies can be deemed with certitude to be: “not possible to ever be fulfilled.” In fact, more and more of the many prophecies are being confirmed as fulfilled and many indicate to be unfolding now. While some persons have labeled some of the prophecies that involve the future: “apocalyptic,” no one has proven that any of them are contrary to Church teaching on dogma, faith, or morals. The Church has approved many apparitions as worthy of human credence having similar revelations which might also be termed apocalyptic. By simply terming or labeling prophecies “apocalyptic” does not proof of an invalidation make.

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